Targeted Marketing, Custom Campaigns, Consumer Profiling

Send offers through our web, mobile and browser extension to engage new and existing customers, powered by high-fidelity, opt-in data.

Target known customer segments, discover new segments, or something in between.

Select attributes and search parameters from the broadest opt-in consumer data on the planet. Filter by standard demographics to in-depth pyschographic and spending profiles.

  • Select Attributes

  • Date Ranges

  • Consumer Segments

  • File Format

  • More

Access consumers on the Datacoup web, mobile and browser extension.

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  • Frequency of purchase

  • Brick/mortar vs online preferences

  • Interest graph data points

  • Date/timestamp purchase patterns

Build better profiles with cross-channel data that will enable better.

Chart new insights from Datacoup Prepared Reports or the self-serve API.

Use customer-pledged data to see how you are doing vs. your sector competitors.

  • Total spend in your sector

  • Total spend by categories

  • SKU-level purchase

  • Seasonal purchase propensities

With individual data, you can understand how you rank vs competitors. Augment this with our aggregate set to understand how you are ranking with consumer cohorts.