Our Mission

For years we've used the internet as a tool for sharing everything about ourselves - knowingly or not. Industries that mine, manipulate and monetize our data have grown into economic powerhouses worth over a trillion dollars. We've lost our privacy, control and sovereignty of this valuable asset.
  • Capture

    Reclaim your data from central silos. Plant your flag and stake your claim.

    Reclaim the data you create on the web and connect it to your datacoup account.

  • Control

    Create keys to control your data, so you can decide where, when and how to use it.

    Decide which data to make available and which purchasers can access it.

  • Profit

    Earn by sharing your data directly with businesses in the data marketplace.

    Become the primary benificiary of the profits made from your data.

Getting started

Connect your data, and join the marketplace on web, mobile or browser.
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    Connect your data

    Connect data from key sources like spending, search and location data. Set your market preferences for how you want to sell data.

    Connect data from key sources, like spending, search and location data. Choose storage for your copy, and make us a copy so we can help you earn.

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    Decide who has access

    Only share data with trusted buyers and developers. You decide who has access to specific data-sets.

    Earn PDT by establishing and maintaining data connections and from ongoing data sales in the marketplace

  • Data Request


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    Sit back and reap the profits

    Earn cash, discounts and cryptocurrency for connecting and exchanging your valuable data. Continue to earn as you create new data everyday.

    Your PDT is yours - Sell it, spend it in the ecosystem on apps or services, or HODL

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Redeem your earnings

Use your earnings to to access apps, services and premium opportunities
A new generation of blockchain-powered apps
  • Give With Data

    Contribute your data to advance academic research and other worthy causes.

  • Users United

    Put politics aside and unite around the issues that matter, all with data.

  • Spectrometer

    Discover the full spectrum of your data profile with new insights delivered daily.

  • Datacott

    Wield the power of your personal data to organize, measure and participate in boycotts.

  • Snowflake

    You are special, and so is your data. Preserve it for future generations and technologies.

Simple, powerful tools

Our web-app, browser extension and mobile app will provide you with data portability anywhere you go.
  • Web Application

    The web-app is a hub to connect data-sets and view your dashboard stats including earnings, and data sales

  • Browser Extension

    Coming soon, connect and deploy data from the browser extension at any site you visit on the web

  • Mobile App

    Create your blockchain-based, self-sovereign identity with the soon-to-be-released Datacoup mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is required to start earning from my data?

  • Where is my data stored?

  • Who is buying my data?

    Entities interested in consumer patterns and trends include:

    - Brands

    - Retailers

    - CPG companies (Consumer Packaged Goods like toothpaste or detergent)

    - Investment firms

    - Insurance companies

    - Advertising-Technology companies

    - Market Researchers

  • Will data purchasers ever be able to contact me?

  • Is this secure?

    Yes. We never see or store any password or account information from the accounts you've connected.

    Facebook - We use the standard Facebook Connect protocol (called Oauth).

    Shopping history - When you enter your bank credentials to connect a debit or credit card, the credentials do not ever hit our servers. A token is immediately created when passing through the financial API, which validates the connection to the bank. All data is transmitted in encrypted form using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The connection we establish is on a 'Read-Only' basis, which means we could never manipulate a transaction or account even if we tried.

    Further, with blockchain-based technology, we'll be encrypting the data before it is stored. We intend to offer decentralized storage, so that no single entity has control of your data.