Personalization, Verification, Artificial Intelligence

Send offers through our web, mobile and browser extension to engage new and existing customers, powered by high-fidelity, opt-in data.

Create personalized services and experiences that engage users like never before.

Get personal with your users by developing on top of our API. Access to the most robust and full-spectrum data-set in the wild will give you a leg up with user recommendations.

  • Select Attributes

  • Date Ranges

  • Consumer Segments

  • File Format

  • More

Make quick decisions on the validity of user data and identity claims

Confidently verify user data and identity claims by leveraging attestations made by other ecosystem identity service providers.

  • Frequency of purchase

  • Brick/mortar vs online preferences

  • Interest graph data points

  • Date/timestamp purchase patterns

Build better profiles with cross-channel data that will enable better.

The best AI will be powered by the most robust and accurate data

Our wide-ranging data spectrum provides the best starting point toward building intelligent agents. The scope of our data is daunting, but the ability to digest and build on top of it is simple.

  • Total spend in your sector

  • Total spend by categories

  • SKU-level purchase

  • Seasonal purchase propensities

With individual data, you can understand how you rank vs competitors. Augment this with our aggregate set to understand how you are ranking with consumer cohorts.